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The best developed Tourism routes is known as the northern circuit through it remains quite unspoilt by over- exploitation. Here theres the chance to see huge herds of Wildebeest or flocks of brilliant pink flamingos emerging from the swirling mists of mists of alkaline lakes, a sigh, it is believed, that gave birth to the legend of thephoenix or the fire bird. Main base for exploring the Northern Circuit is the pretty town of Arusha. The circuit includes many of the countrys national parks such as Serengeti, Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Mkomazias well as famous landmarks such as the Ngorongoro Crater the Olduvai George and African Highest Mountain the Mount Kilimanjaro.


Most visitors to Tanzania will fly in via Dar es salaam, which Means Haven of Peace reflecting the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the city. From here visitors can take a fly in Safari to the game reserves to the south. Through less frequented than the national parks in the North,Tanzanias Southern parks are certainly worth a visit as they provides a sense of African adventure unsurpassed anywhere on the continent. The principal reserves are Selouse, Mikumi, Ruaha, and the Udzungwa Mountain National Parks.


Other than the wonderful destinations in Tanzania, we can show you other places as well.

Arusha National Park


This park was been situated in Northern Tanzania in the North part of the Arusha the Tourist Town. This Park is about 542sqkm equal to 205.96sqmiles, it was established as the national park in 1960. Getting there is an easily 40 minutes drive from Arusha Town. Approximately 60 km 35miles from Kilimanjaro International Airport, and you can Drive 1 hour from KIA and takes 1.30 hour from Moshi Town another place of Tourism centre.

The Lakes, Forest and Ngurdoto Crater can be visited in the day,also you can do the Mountain Meru Climbing can that take up to 4 days that will be acclimatize for Mountain Kilimanjaro, also you can do Game Drive, Canoeing, Walking Safaris through the different vegetation and habitat


Serengeti National Park


The park was been situated Northern Tanzania in the north of Arusha the Tourist Town. This Park is about 14,763sqkm[ 5700 sq miles] it was established in 1959, it was about 335km equal to 208 miles from Arusha Town and stretching north to Kenya and bordering to Lake Victoria to the West. THE BIGGEST NATIONAL PARK. Getting there is through scheduled and Charter flights from Arusha, Lake Manyara and Mwanza, Driving from Moshi or Arusha Lake Manyara, Tarangire or Ngorongoro. Spectacular Game Drive for Wildebeest Migration Desemder -July and also to see the predators in June - october, Hot Air Ballooning Safaris, Masaai rock Painting and Musical rocks. Visit neighbouring Lake Victoria Ngorongoro Crater Olduvai George, Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano and Lake Natron of Flamingoes.

Float in a Hot Air Balloon over the famous Serengeti National Park with its enchanting scenery and amazing wildlife. This may be the most beautiful area in the world for a balloon flight. There are no power lines, fences and few roads. Their passenger capacity is limited making this experience a special and exclusive one. Each and every balloon flight is different and therefore an adventure. We aim to provide the high point of your safari and an experience that you will remember always. 


Manyara National Park


The park its situated in Northern of Tanzania and Driving about 126km equal to 80 miles from Arusha Town Aong the surfaced road close to the ethnically diverse market Town of mtowambu. It is established in 1960 and it have area of 330 sq km or 127 miles of which up to 200sq km or 77sq miles is covered by Lake and the rest of it is covered land.. By road or charter or scheduled flight from Arusha to Manyara direct to Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. You can do the Night Day Game Drive and Dinner to the Bush, Canoeing when the Water lever is sufficiently high,Cultural Tours Mountain bike Tours, and forest walk on the escarpment of the rift valley outside of the park. And it is best time to to do this activities during the dry season July- Octorber for Large Mammals and wet season November- June for Bird watching.


Tarangire National Park


Its size of the park 2850 sq km thats equal to 1005 sq miles. And it located to South West of Arusha about 180km or 75miles its Established in 1970. Easy drive from or Lake Manyara following a surfaced Road within 7km or 4miles to the Rough Road to the Entrance Gate can continue on Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National park, Charter Flight from Arusha. And Driving from Moshi or Arusha. What to do there is Walking Safaris, through the Painting rocks in the vicinity of Kolo on the Dodoma Roard, Hot Air Balloon Safaris,Game Driving.





Ngorongoro Crater stands at 2,286m above sea lever, surrounded by very steep walls rising at 610mfrom crater floor, this natural amphitheater covers an area of about 260sqkm that is 100sqmiles and the home of up to 25,00o large Mammals almost half of them is Zebras, and Wildebeest. There al also Gazelle, Buffalo, Eland, Hartebeest, and Warthog. Such number attracts the predators a plenty ,mainly Lion, Cheetah and also Hyena not only that but also Leopard. It is here the Tanzanias remain of the Black Rhinos, and more than 100 Bird spp not found even Serengeti are sported here, Countless of flamingos form a Pick blanket over the soda lakes. The Crater has been Declared as a World Heritage site The Ngorongoro Crater is lies in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which more than 8,000 sqkm, it is bounded by Lake Eysai in the Southern west and the Gol Mountain in the North. Roughly in the centre is the Olbalal Swamp and in the arid Olduvai Gorge.


Olduvai gorge

Located within Ngorongoro Conservation Area is Olduvai Gorge about 180km from Arusha. It was Here Dr Louis Leakey discovered the remains of Homo hablis or Hand man regarded as Mankinds first step on the ladder of the Human evolution . But many more Fossils have been discovered including prehistoric elephants, giant horned sheeps and enormous ostriches. Our Profession Guides operate lecture tours of these sites.


Lerai forest

It is found in between 2.5 km taken from Ngorongoro Crater.

LERAI = Means is the Maasai word with Means that in Swahili Yellow backed acacia or Firer tree. This small forest pate on the Crater Floor, is the Home of Monkey Baboon, Bush backs, Water backs, Elephant and Rhinos, a picnic site with elaboration is located in the Forest.


Empakai crater

Contain a forest and a deep Lake [small crater], Just like 6km hide nearly of its floor is occupied by Lake, from Northern in the East side you can see out to the dramatic cone of Oldonyo Lengai. The great Rift Valley and Lake Natrone sometimes you can see the Distant snows of Mountain Kilimanjaro, It is possible to camp on the Rim and Hike into the Crater with an armed Ranger[ was armed against dangerous Animals eg Buffalos]. When the weather is Crater is best time to Visit the new of Oldoinyo Lengai and the Rift Valley can be very amazing.


Olmoti crater

This shallow grass Crater is a source of Munge River which Pours through of rough of Roach in the rim Spectacular Water fall on its way to Ngorongoro Crater. There is the pleasant walk from Naino-kanoka Range post through the forest up to the top of the water fall.


Oldonyo lengai

Maasai name for still active volcanoes means that Mountain of God And the Last time of the elation it was on the year 2007.


Shifting sands

Shifting Sands are two crescent-shaped, bizarrely magnetic dunes in the midst of a long stretch of dusty desert. The sands blow slowly forth, around and back again as though pushed by tides, always holding their shape, never explaining themselves.

The air around them crackles with a strange energy, the vista is seemingly endless, and while theres nothing else really here per se, theres a strange pull that wants you (and the sands themselves) to stay.

Meandering up from Olduvai Gorge along a dusty, bumpy, forlorn and empty road, we suddenly arrived at the start of the Shifting Sands. A collection of small plaques, placed in decade increments, shows that these mysterious drifts migrate just about 17 meters a year, always within the same small area.


Saanane National Park

Size is 0.5 sq km and its located in Southern Tanzania in Southwest from the City Centre which lies in the gulf of Like Victoria [located in Latitude 2.5S and Longitude 32E], getting there is through accessed Boat, One can travel by Air to Mwanza City Airport from either Dar ea salaam, Kilimanjaro Internation Airport and Arusha, or by Road from either Moshi, Arusha , Mwanza City , from Dar ea salaam, Kigoma, and Tabora. By Felly to Mwanza Port from Uganda, Bukoba and near by Islands. All these means of transport lead you to Mwanza City from there you will need a short Drive or walk to the Entry Gate to the Park.


Mikumi National Park


Located to the Southern of Tanzania to the North of Selous Game Reserve and is about 283 km from Dar es salaam west of Selous in the way to Ruaha, Udzungwa Kituro, and Katavi. The Park Takes about 3,230sq km [1250 sq miles] and becomes a another big Tanzania National Park, the park established in 1964.Because it is accessibility it was the most popular parks in Tanzania and a important centre of for Education where the Students and other people go for study Ecology and Conservation. You can get there by a good surfaced Road from Dar es salaam to Mikumi via Morogoro and it is takes Roughly 4Hours Drive. Also road connection to Udzungwa National Park, Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Recerve. The Charter flight from Dar es salaam, Arusha, or Selous. Local Buses also can get to HQ where Game Drive can be arranged. The following is the activities that you can do there the Game Drives, Guided Walking Safaris or visit the Near by national Parks Like Udzungwa, Ruaha or Selous Game Reserve. It can be visited all around Year.


Selous Game Reserve


The Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest reserves of the world, located in the south of Tanzania. It was named after Englishman Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, who died at Beho Beho in this territory in 1917 while fighting against the Germans during World War I.

The reserve covers a total area of 54,600 km2 (21,100 sq mi) and has additional buffer zones. Within the reserve no permanent human habitation or permanent structures are permitted. All (human) entry and exit is carefully controlled by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Some of the typical animals of the savanna (for example elephants, hippopotami, African Wild Dog, cape buffalo and crocodiles) can be found in this park in larger numbers than in any other African game reserve or national park.

Interesting places in the park include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean opposite Mafia Island and the Stiegler Gorge, a canyon of 100 metres depth and 100 metres width. Habitats include grassland, typical Acacia savanna, wetlands and extensive Miombo woodlands. Although total wildlife populations are high,[1] the reserve is large and densities of animals are lower than in the more regularly visited northern tourist circuit of Tanzania.


Ruaha National Park


Located to the Central of Tanzania about 128km from Iringa Town, and it is about 20,226 sq km [7,809 sq miles] thats becomes the Tanzania largest National Park, was been established in 1964. And also becomes the Best of Tanzania kept National Park. Its Name derived from The Great River Ruaha which flows along its border creation spectacular gorges. Flowing into the Rufiji River The Rufiji , The great Ruaha River is the Home of the Hippos. And Crocodiles. You can get there through Scheduled and Charter flights from Dar es salaam, Selous , Serengeti, Iringa, and Mbeya also you can Get There also through Driving thats Road is access through the year thats From Iringa and Dr es salaam [about 10 hours]via Mikumi or from Arusha via Dodoma. What you can do there Day Walks or Hiking Safaris through untouched bush. Stone Age nuns Isimila near Iringa 120km [75miles] away one of the African most important Historical site., you can do also Game Drive.




Located five [5] hours drive from 350 km equal to 215miles from Dar es salaam 65kms equal to 40 miles southwest of Mikumi, established in 1992, and to there Hike to the Water falls one to three days Walking safaris all this youcan do with Armed Ranger. Combine with near by Mikumi National Park or a way to Ruaha.




Its located in the Southern Tanzania East of Lake Tanganyika the head quarter is situated or lies 40km [25Miles] south of Mpanda Town. It is about 4,471 sq km [1,727Miles]. And established in 1974. The Park is noted for Miombo woodland scenery and and is the Home of Zebras, Sable, and Roan Antelope, Eland , Leopard , Elephant, Buffalo, and Lion . Water Fowls are also abundant. Lake Chada is particularly rich in Bird Life and is also known as for its large concentration of Crocodile. How to get there is through Charter flights from Dar es salaam or Arusha. A tough but spectacular days driving from Mbeya about 550 km equal to [340miles] or in the Dry season only from Kigoma 390 km equal to [240 miles] Its also possible to reach to Mpanda by Train from Dar es salaam via Tabora then to public transport to get to Main Gate where the game Drive can be arranged. If traveling or overland allows plenty of time to get there and back.To do there you can do a walking safaris and also you can do camping safaris, Game Drive Visit the tamarind tree inhabitant there.




Its cover the Area of About 52sq km equal to 20sqmiles. Tanzania s smallest National Park. And its established in 1968, located western side of Tanzania about 16km[10miles] north of Kigoma on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in the western Tanzania. Getting there is through connecting to Dar es salaam and Arusha by Schedeled flight to Dar es salaam and Mwanza and Mbeya. From Kigoma also you can take local like - taxes take up to three Hours to reach Gombe or Motor Boat can be Chartered taking less than One [1] Hour. Is best of Chimpanzee tracking Hiking swimming, Snokelling visit the site of Henry Stanley Famous, Dr Livingstone at Ujiji - Kigoma and watch the renowned dhow builders at Work. And the best time to visit this Place the Chimps dont roam as far in the wet season [February, June, November - Mid December] so may be easy to find better picture opportunities niches in the dry [July - October and late December]




The park was located in Northern Tanzania 150km Equal to 95Miles west of Mwanza. This Park has total land area of about 258sq km equal to 93 sq miles, and has been established to be the National Park in the year 1977. And how to get there is by Road from Mwanza then a Boat Transfer, Charter flight from Mwanza or Arusha contact the Park for transport details. Walking Safaris can be the Main things to do over there, Boat excursions can be other thing you do over there not only that but also Sporting Fishing, Chimpanzee Trek and plan for Canoe Trips. Dry season June to August is the best time for Flowers and Butterflies, Wet season November to March for Chimp trek and Desember to February is so best for Migration Birds.




This Park was consist area of 412.9 sq km equal to 156.902sqMiles and been located in Southern Tanzania, This is the Temporal Park, HQ at Mtamba are situated approximately 100km or 60 Miles from Mbeya Town. And was been established in year 2005, 4x4 only can take your by surfaced road from Chimala towards the Main Road to Dar ea salaam head South along the rough but spectacular morram road nick name is Fifty seven corners, then after the number of hairpin bends along its lengs - the temporary park HQ at Mtamba , from where Its half an hour drive to Plateau. Also basical public transport is available. Good hiking trail exist open waking across the grassland to watch Birds and Wild Flowers. Hill climbing on the neighbouring Ranges, ahalf day hike from the park across the Living Stone Mount and Lake Nyasa. The best time to do this like Wild flowers display is in between Desember and April. The September to November are more comfortable for licking but less rewarding to botanists, the weather condition are cold and foggy from June to August .




Located in Southern Tanzania on the North Cost , Roughly 100km [6omiles] Northwest of Der es salaam as the crows flies and a similar distance Southern weast of the Port of Tanga. It is coves the area of about 1,062sqkm equal to 415 miles, it is established in the year 2005. You can get there with the flight from Zanzibar or Dar es salaam with a possibility of Scheduled flights. By Road Shutter from Dar es salaam taking four Hours in the either direction .No Roads access from Dar es salaam along the Coast, follow the surfaced Moshi Road for 160 km or 100miles then 60km 36miles on as well maintained Morram Road. The Road access from Tanga and Pangani except afte Heary rain 4x4 required.You can do there The Game Drive and Guided Walk, Boat trips and Swimming, Visit the Saadani pishing, Village which lies within the reserve where a collection to 19th century heyday as a Major Trading port.



Kalambo Falls, waterfall, the second highest uninterrupted fall in Africa (after Tugela Falls, South Africa), located on the Kalambo River near the southeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika on the Tanzania-Zambia border. The 704-foot (215-metre) drop in the falls is only part of a 3,000-foot (900-metre) descent along a 6-mile (10-kilometre) section of the Kalambo River. In the abyss is the breeding ground of the rare, giant marabou stork. Primitive tools have been excavated from Kalambo Gorge and dated by radiocarbon from 300,000 bc.

The Kalambo falls prehistoric settlement is located about 30 kilometres North-West of Mbala district, Northern province. The site was excavated by professor John desmond Clark duringthe period 1956-1959. The excavations conducted in the lake-beds revealed exposed a stone age sequence extending from the early stone age through to the iron age, most of it stratified in living floors. The site was gazzetted a national monument under notice number 454 0f 1964. Like many other national monuments, the site is protected and managed under the national heritage conservation act, cap.23 of 1989 of the laws of Zambia. 



Is located in Southern Africa, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, and occurs where the powerful Zambezi River plunges down a series of basalt gorges in a breathtaking display of several waterfalls. This spectacle of natures is the one of the seven world wonders of the natural, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Described by Kololo Tribal living in the Area as Mosi Or Tunya the Smoke that Thunders. In more modern term Victoria Falls is known as Greatest known as curtain of falling Water on the planet. Victoria Falls is a spectacle sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeus on the Zambezi River bordering Zambia and Zimbambwe. The Victoria Falls drop in middle of 90m and 107m into the Zambezi Gorge average of about 550,000 CB Meters of Water drop over the edge every minute. Shining columns of spray from more than 20kkm away. The falls are spectacular throughout the year, but February onwards has the heaviest pour and volume of spray.

Zambezi Waterfall $90 per person| night sharing including breakfast.
Zambezi Sun Hotel $225 per person | night sharing including breakfast.
Stanley Safari Lodge : starting from $260 per person| night including all meals local drinks, house wine and laundry.

African Queen Rivers Cruses $ 60 per person.
Canoeing Safari Upper Zambezi : $65 per person.
Elephant Back Safari [Zambezi]: $155 per person.
Helicopter Flight $105 per person.
Jet Boat Extreme $ 105 per person.
River Safari [4x4 on Water] Jet Boat: $75 per person.
White Water Rafting $155 per person.


Wilderness : Follow the strong herds or track the great predators through pure, unspoilt wilderness

Tsavo West National Park covers an area of 9000sq km and is on the western side of Mombasa Highway. Tsavo West is populated for its Nature attractions of Mzima Spiring Shetani Lava Flow, Chaimu Crater and Roaring Rocks. Subterranean rives from Chyulu Hills and Mount Kilimanjaro feed Mzima Springs Molten Lava that forms the Shetani Lava Flow was spewed from the Earth about 200 years ago. Local people believe this to be the work of Devil. Shetani is a Swahili Word for Satan or a Devil. They believe many of their people were buried alive by hot Lava flow and their cries are heada at Night They appease there ghosts by affring them food.

Coast: Dive into a world of undersea wonder or step back from the beach and discover a hidden paradise of coastal forest.

Mountains: In these high wild region, the forest offsets offer sanctuary for big game thermal currents offer birdlife freedom to fly.

Mount Kenya: Located on the Equator. Magnificent cliffs and Glaciers protect the highest peak of Nelion [5188m] and Batian [ 5199m] .The third summit Point Lenana [4985m] also Glaciated but accessible to walkers . Tarns alpine meadows ; exotic, equatorial, high altitude vegetation; sunbird; hyrax ; and soaring eagles make walk around the peaks one of the most Beautiful expeditions in the East Africa Mountains.


Gorillas are Humans closest associations and share more than 97% of humans DNA. COME 2 EAST AFRICA is amid of a few tour companies in Tanzania that organize the gorilla programs or safaris in the Volcanoes National Park in East Africa Rwanda, giving you the prospect to observe some of the last left behind 700 mountain gorillas in the Earth. A gorilla visit can require anything from 1-4 hrs hike through the forest, led by knowledgeable trackers who have spent their complete lives living close to the forest. Your hike will be captivating as you lace through incomplete vines, moss-covered and the giant Loberias that increase in the tropical climate. You may pimple Golden Monkeys or view buffalo, bush duikers and the wide variety of bird life . But the high point, of wildlife , one of the most knowledge on the world, will be spending an hour with the calm giant Gorillas as they go about their daily life, feeding, playing, resting and raising their young as well. At the last of your holiday you will recognize what kept the conservation Dian Fossey living in this same forest more than 16 years protecting these wonderful nature animals.

Rwanda is surrounded by land republic in Equator Africa, located on the eastern rim of the Albert Rift, a western arm of the Great Rift Valley, on the watershed between Africa's two[2] large river system : the Nile and The Congo. A large amount of the countrys 26,338 sq km is remarkably mountains, the highest peak life form Karisimbi [4,507m]in the volcanic Virunga chain protected by the Volcanoes National Park. The major body of water is the lake Kivu, but there other many lakes around the country, especially Burera, Ruhondo, Muhanzi and some have unpredictable shapes following the contours of the steep mountain that surround them.

In the sympathy of Central Africa , so the high up the that you shiver more than you sweat, "wrote the well-known primatologist Dian Fossey", are great, old volcanoes very tall up to 15,000ft and nearly covered with rich, green rainforest the Virungas.

Located in the far northwest of Rwanda, the parc des volcans range protects the steep slopes of magnificent mountain ranger and the mosaic of the exceptional mountain gorilla and the rich mosaic of montane ecosystem, which squeeze evergreen and bamboo forest open grassland, swamps and hearth.

To reduce possible transmission of human diseases , visitors are asked to maintain a distance of 7m from the gorillas. If they are sick with a cold,flu or other infectious infection, please do not visit Gorillas Viewing is limiting time[one hour]. Upper limit is [6-8] clients per group. Spiting in the park is strictly prohibited. Should you need to cough, cover your Mouth and turn away from the Gorillas. When you approached the Gorillas keep your voice low. Try not make rapid arrangements that may worry the Gorillas. If Gorillas should charge or vocalize at you, do not be worried, position still, look away from gorillas and follow your guide instructions. Do no litter. 


The safekeeping if our is highest priority. There is no need for concern personal security. The climate in Musanze is unpredictable and you an generally expect both sun and raining during the day. Musanze it stands at about 1700m above sea lever, is generally quite cold, mostly in the evening, so warm clothing is advised. Suggested clothing is the long trousers and shirts when the forest to avoid irritate stings. Study walking shoes or hiking boot assential . Carry with you water bottles a Snack although eating, drinking and smoking near gorillas is prohibited.

Photograph is allowed although you may not use flash. Porters are available to help to carry your daypack for small accusation. Mountain gorillas live in the high altitude and this can cause difficulties for some clients. You should pace yourself, walk slowly and drinks plenty of water. No one should feel deterred from making this Trip.

- 4 Day Gorillas in PNV
- 8 Day Gorillas in Virungas and Bwindi
- 12 Day Rwanda and Kampala

We can make your trip memorable through wildlife. Book any of the safaris above now.



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